Hello, and welcome to Eon’s Erotica.


You can reach me at:




Send me your favorite arousing fantasies.
Share your guilty, sexy secrets.
Send a passionate postcard.
Send me a love story,
A lust story.
Describe your dirtiest dreams, your most vivid and erotic desires.

How do you masturbate?
Describe your first time touching yourself
Having sex…
Getting caught doing something taboo…
What is your naughtiest habit?
Do you secretly lust for a friend?  A cousin?  A coworker?  A stranger?

Your most personal thoughts and feelings, your intimate confessions, all are welcome here.  The most entertaining, the most arousing of the writings received will be posted here for others to enjoy.  You may remain anonymous or include your return address if you desire a hand-written response.

Ultimately, my goal is to show that we’re not alone.
Always, there is someone out there just like us, someone with the same passions and desires, someone we can connect with on a deep and meaningful level.
I want you to start talking about these things, because through thoughtful discourse comes understanding, and through understanding and acceptance come joy.

We are all beautiful, in our own ways.

With love,
And warmest wishes,



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