Peppermint Tease


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Tonight’s offering comes from J.E. in California.  J.E.’s enthusiasm for his tale, his complete return to that time in his life, comes through in his enthusiastic scribbling.  Kudos to you, J.E., for capturing all the ardor of teenage passion.

J.E. writes:


The smell and the taste of peppermint has always done it for me.  It’s Cheryl’s fault.  She loved peppermint and always had a peppermint candy to suck on, peppermint tea to sip, peppermint gum to blow bright green bubbles with.  She was the first girl I ever kissed, first girl I ever made out with.  She gave me my first blowjob, too, but I’ll get to that.

When I was 16 I went to one of those dumb highschool dances and I was really awkward in my tux, pretty much the only guy who bothered dressing up.  In a small town like mine that makes a dude stand out.  Especially since I spent the whole night standing off to the side watching everyone else dance.  Cheryl kept looking at me throughout the night and I would blush like an idiot and quickly look away, never thinking for a second she was checking me out.  A popular girl like Cheryl, looking at me?  One of the hottest girls in school?  Short and blonde and stacked and just way too perfect for me.  Probably just couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the skinny dork in the tux.  Everyone else was too cool to wear one but my mom had insisted.  It was almost enough to make me skip the dance completely, but… well, I was hoping magic would happen.  I’d heard ZZ Top’s ‘Sharp Dressed Man.”  You never know, right?

The magic didn’t happen until the next day, though.  I wore the stupid tux and didn’t get a single dance.  I spent the whole night watching other guys go off into the bushes with girls, or just stand there tongue-wrestling in the dark corners like they didn’t give a damn who saw.  One of the girls even took Mr. Hyden by the hand and did a long slow grind on him on the dance floor.  I guess he’s a handsome guy.  He might be the youngest English teacher we’ve ever had, but he was still 10 years older than her.  It was definitely causing a stir in the other chaperones, but nobody stopped it.  I even watched Tyler put his hands up Lea’s shirt and feel up her massive tits.  She didn’t look like she enjoyed it, but she didn’t stop him, either.  Lea might’ve been a bit on the chubbier side but her boobs were bigger than my head and I would’ve traded my tux in a second to be in Tyler’s place.  Was there something in the water?  It seemed like everybody was horny and scoring but me.  I was having trouble hiding my boner by then so I said, “Fuck it,” and I left.

So the next day I’m tired and kinda down on myself.  Obviously I didn’t get any action and I’m feeling like an idiot cuz why the fuck did I think last night would be any different?  I’m tall and skinny, my front teeth stick out, I have a big nose, too many zits.  My hair is curly and dull brown and impossible so I just jam it under a hat or a toque most days.  Top it all off, people keep making stupid comments at me about the tux.  Haha, yeah, I stole it from my grandad.  Very funny.  Had to dig him up first, though.  What’s that?  Who died?  Yeah, yeah, tuxes are for weddings and funerals.  It’ll be your funeral next, wise guy.  I’ve just about had it.  This awful day has dragged by and I cannot wait to get the hell out of there.

Suddenly the bell rings and I’m home free.  I grab my shit and jet before anyone can get between me and the door.  That’s when it happens.  I’m in such a fucking rush I run right into Cheryl just outside the door to the classroom and knock her flat on her ass.  Everyone’s piling out of the classroom around us and they crack up.  Way to go, klutz!  Smooth moves, dipshit! Someone smacks me across the back of the head.  I’ve dropped my books and scattered my homework everywhere but all I can do is stare at her.  She’s so beautiful, so incredibly gorgeous, her mouth is so sensuous, and yes, she’s sucking on another mint and she’s all red in the face like she nearly choked on it when I knocked her down.  I can see down her shirt.  Tight white cotton.  All that pale skin curving down into soft, mysterious shadows.  I would never in a million years dream of touching this girl but no one else has offered her a hand up yet so I just reach down and haul her to her feet.  And I mean haul.  I’m so pumped on adrenaline I practically throw her into the roof.  She’s pressed up against me now, her breasts soft and warm against my chest, her breath hot on my face.  Peppermint.  It’s all I can smell.  In that moment I realize I have my arm around her waist to keep her from falling over after manhandling her back to her feet.  My junk is rubbing her stomach.  If I wasn’t so bloody terrified I think I’d probably have a massive hardon right now.

She doesn’t pull away.  She goes, “Hey, aren’t you the guy in the tux?”
I mumble something like, “Duh… pretty.”
I don’t know what I actually said, but she smiles up at me, searching my face, only inches away, and says loud enough for everyone to hear, “Well, I thought it was cute,” and kisses me right on the mouth.

I can’t even think.  I can’t react, I can’t kiss her back.  I’m stunned.  I’m drowning in peppermint.  My instant erection nearly knocks her over backwards.  Everyone around us hoots and hollers.  My face is burning.  Fuck me!  I run.  I don’t know what else to do!  I’m so embarassed.  I can’t figure out what just happened!  Cheryl just kissed me.  In front of everyone!  I just pitched a tent.  In front of everybody!  Am I high on some crazy drugs?  Is this for real?  Am I dreaming?  What the fuck just happened?

She catches up with me down the street from the school.  I left my bag and books and everything when I ran.  She hands them to me.  I take them in silence and just start walking again.  She walks with me.  I can’t look at her.  I’m fucking terrified.

She says, “I mean it, y’know.  I’ve heard the things people have been saying all day.  But you were the only one who went to that dance last night who actually gave a shit.”  (Like I’m going to tell her my mom made me do it.  No way.)  “None of the guys in our school know what dressing up really means.  They figure they just put extra gel in their hair and wear a shirt that actually got washed recently and they’re good to go.  But you wore a tux, and it looked good.  Didn’t you see me looking at you all night?  J, are you even listening to me?”

She grabs me by the arm and stops, turns me to face her.  I can’t help but look her in the eyes.  Blue eyes.  Earnest.  She knows my name.  She must have asked someone before she chased after me.  She’s begging me with her eyes to understand.  She wasn’t making fun of me.  She really meant it.  As it slowly dawns on me this amazing girl actually thinks I’m cute, she drives it home with another kiss.  This time our tongues touch.  I lose my breath.  The world disappears.  I’m in heaven, and it smells and tastes like peppermint.  Time stops.
When she finally pulls away she smiles at me shyly.  Her!  Shy!  I can’t believe what I’m seeing.  Like she doesn’t know if she crossed a line or something.  I’m about to tell her she can cross the line as often as she likes when I realize I’m sucking on her peppermint, and we both burst out laughing.

Just like that I’m as comfortable as I’ve ever been with anyone.  Cheryl and I are suddenly a thing without officially being a thing.  She’s popular and her friends think she’s weird for hanging out with me but she deflects their questions and shrugs off their comments.  Sometimes she even jumps to my defense and tells them how great I am.  They roll their eyes and change the subject.  But I don’t care.  She says I’m a sweetheart and that’s just how she likes me.

The thing I remember most though is the peppermint.  She would be drinking peppermint tea.  We’d kiss and that taste would cool my tongue.  It would make me salivate.  It was like her kisses stayed inside my mouth.  I remember getting her peppermint lip gloss for her birthday.  She put it on right away.  Her eyes went wide.
“It tingles!” she laughed. “It’s making my lips numb!  It’s really minty!”
Then she pushed me down on the couch.  Went straight for my belt buckle.  I felt like a chump but I actually stopped her.
I said, “Are you sure?”
She just giggled and said she wanted to know if it made my thingy go numb, too.

The moment the head of my penis slipped inside of her mouth I lost all control.  I started to pant and moan.  Cheryl’s lips and tongue wrapped my cock like fire.  A slow, tingling coolness began to move along the length of my shaft as she worked her mouth up and down.  She spread her lipgloss right down to the root of me and back up again, gently sucking.  The warmth and the wetness and the pressure all combined were like nothing I’d ever imagined.  She was clumsy at first, but improving moment by moment.  Her fingers tickled my testacles, scratching lightly with her nails.  I could feel my balls tightening.  Shit, I was going to shoot my load.  I couldn’t finish in her mouth, she’d never forgive me.  I couldn’t think straight.  It felt so good!
“Cheryl!” I croaked.  Too late.
She squeaked in surprise as my cum flooded her mouth, but she did the damdest thing.  She clamped on tight, locked her lips around the head of my cock, swirled her tongue around, and sucked.  It actually hurt, she sucked so hard, but the pleasure was so intense I didn’t even consider making her stop.  My hips bucked and my cock throbbed and Cheryl held her breath, held on, until finally I stopped spasming.  When she took her mouth away my cum stretched from her mouth to my cockhead, like a little bridge, then broke and splattered over her lips and chin.  She gave me a small smile, embarassed and suddenly shy.
“I didn’t know what to do,” she said sheepishly.  She got up and got a towel from the bathroom.  I could hear her rinsing her mouth out and spitting into the sink.  When she came back, she watched as I wiped myself off.  I was apologizing all the while for getting off in her mouth.  I babbled about it being my first time and I didn’t know what to expect and it caught me off guard and then she stopped me from talking with a deep kiss.  I could taste my cum, mixed with peppermint.  It probably would have been far less pleasant for both of us if it hand’t been for that lipgloss flavoring everything.

It was Cheryl’s first time, too.  Suddenly, we were both endlessly curious about everything sex had to offer.  We hungered for knowledge.  We explored each other again and again, making new discoveries, sharing all of our firsts.  In my memory, all of it smells and tastes like peppermint.

In the end, we didn’t last.  She had to move away.   We tried to keep in touch, but we were teenagers.  The rest of the world was waiting.  But for that semester and the summer that followed, we were too high on teenage love to care.  To this day I get hard at the smell of peppermint.  I still sometimes order her favorite drink, peppermint mocha, and sit alone at a coffee shop remembering the whirlwind crazy bliss of it all.  So many sharp bright moments, and so much that’s blurry and out of focus.  I’m sure I’ve idealized her in my memory, but so what?  My first love was a peppermint angel, a pure white creature of candy canes and lip gloss and bright smiling laughter.  That’s how I will always remember her.

Yours Truly,
J. E.

Well, here’s to you, Cheryl:  Tonight I’m drinking a cup of peppermint tea in your honor.  Here’s to all of the warm-hearted, perceptive women out there who take the time to look a little bit deeper and see the man underneath.

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