Dreaming Of You


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Throughout my life I have had an interest in dreams.
Even at a very young age, I remembered most of my dreams,
and I was curious to know if they meant anything.
Were my dreams omens of the future?
Were they wish-fulfillment?
Could dreams be used to travel to distance places,
Step outside the body,
Visit others who were asleep,
Deliver messages?
When I discovered lucid dreaming,
Sleep, and dreams, became a second life.
Through the active engagement of my dreams,
The manipulation of time and events within the dreamscape,
I could live two, three, four lifetimes in the space of a single evening.
I would explore past lives,
Indulge in fantasies, sexual or otherwise,
Discover parallel worlds and other dimensions.
I would run through problems, over and over,
Eventually hitting on a workable solution through the wonderful,
Inspiring, creative free-association of ideas
That defines the dreaming space.
These solutions could be applied in the waking world to great effect.
Sadly, the more I dreamed,
The less I rested.
There was a time I spent days in bed, living in my dreams.
The freedom to escape at any time by simply falling asleep,
Combined with depression,
Created a very real risk of sleeping pills
Sending me to dreamland
I have a healthier approach to sleep and dreams, now,
And most nights I simply let them run their course.
Lucid dreaming still aids in problem solving, when needed,
And occasionally allows me to indulge in fantasy scenarios.
Call it curiosity…
Sometimes wondering what it would be like,
Is too strong an urge to deny.

The following letter is from an anonymous sender.  He spends a great deal of time with the same people, so it’s only natural they should appear in his dreams.  But over the last few years, they’ve appeared more and more frequently, and their regular appearance has become increasingly sexual in nature.  Unsure of what to make of these dreams, he shared them with his wife…

Anonymous writes:

My wife listened intently as I described, in vivid detail, all the sexual adventures we had enjoyed up to that point with our close friends, G and M.  She smiled frequently, laughed out loud at points, and clearly enjoyed my recounting of various racy romps the four of us have had in my dreams.
It was always the four of us: my wife and myself, G and his wife M.  No surprise, the four of us spent all our time together.  If it wasn’t barbecues or birthday parties it was holiday dinners and boardgame nights, coffee and conversation, movies, liquor, summertime celebrations of sunshine and warmth.  We were like family, and we all loved each other and looked out for each other.  We could pair up any which way, the conversation was always good.  If one of us was away, the others would step in to fill their role until they returned, making sure their partner was taken care of, watching out for the kids, helping wherever help was needed.
And yes, there was a time or two when there were a few too many drinks consumed, and friendly banter became something else… it probably all began when my wife, quite tipsy, laughing over the foolish antics of another guest at a party, nearly fell over.  G was there to save her, a strong arm around her waist, and she wound up sitting in his lap.  I was at the same table, playing cards with M, and didn’t think anything of it.  I trust my wife completely, and G as well, and clearly M trusted them both or she might have spoken up.  As it was, my wife noticed our card game and loudly declared, “After this, we’ll have a foursome!”
Referring to the cardgame, of course, but those at the party immediately concluded we were swingers, and with the idea in our heads, we began to joke about it regularly.  It was ostensibly meant to amuse and impress coworkers, who we could feed vague innuendo for reliable reactions, which we then joked about together later.
But most boardgames aren’t the sort that normally wind up being played topless, and Truth or Dare soon became a new favorite when our Foursome gathered for dinner and drinks, so it’s safe to say the idea had taken root and the four of us were leaning towards swinger behaviors more and more as time went by.
Funny thing is, we never quite stepped across that line.  We all loved and respected each other, and we flirted with the idea a lot, but we never took the final steps.  Nudity became a regular thing, sexual jokes, touching even, but the four way sex, or the wife swapping, never really happened.  It doesn’t seem as if it ever will, and that’s quite alright for all of us.  We’re all quite content to have the companionship and closeness, and we’re all quite happy with our own partners.  Swapping isn’t really necessary, and as a source for fantasies, it’s quite incredible.
So when the dreams began, it was no surprise, and when they intensified and became very sexual, it was a point of interest worth sharing with my wife.  What I didn’t expect was her reaction:
Apparently she’d been having sex dreams about us with G and M for quite some time, too.  Moreover (women talk, you know!) she was able to say with some confidence that maybe M might have been possibly no promises but quite likely having sex dreams, too, about her and G with my wife and me.  My wife described her own sex dreams, along with some of these hypothetically possible dreams of M… and I thought I was horny!  My goodness, M suddenly seemed so much sexier!
Time passes, my own dreams only become richer and more detailed after hearing what the two women had shared, and eventually, out for lunch with G, I manage to casually raise the subject.
Sure enough, G has been having sex dreams.
Weirdly, mostly of me, though the ladies sometimes played a role.
I’m kidding, that was a joke for G if he ends up reading this!  I love you, buddy!
Truth is, he’s one of the most sexually active guys I know.  Always hungry for it, always ready for it, two, three, four times a day, no problem, G will rock your G spot.  M has always said she didn’t know what sex was until her and G hooked up.
So, final analysis: me, burdened with the knowledge that all four of us frequently have sex dreams about all of us, together.  It made me hard just to think about it… these two wet and willing women, stroking, sucking, fucking, me trading off with my best wingman, the master cocksman himself, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized I would suck him hard myself, just to watch him put it in my wife.  I would lick and tickle M’s pussy while watching my wife swallow G’s thick cock.  I didn’t care how the numbers added up, but if you put the four of us in a room naked, I was sure the math would work out just fine.
And every night, now, the dreams, my god, the dreams!
G and M, pounding away like teenagers on the couch in their living room, and I arrive early for our dinner gathering.  G says, “Put the salad on the counter and come give me a hand with this!  The wicked wench is going to outlast me, and I won’t have it!”  So I dive in there, licking and caressing her breasts, sucking her pert pink nipples, until she demands my cock and begins to suck.  I work a finger into her asshole, swirl her clitoris in circles, the whole time G thrusts manfully, and between the two of us it’s too much for her and she overflows with pleasure.  G can finally let go, releasing his masterful self-control and shooting thick ropes of cum over her belly and breasts.
This leaves me hard as a rock, and I step between her legs to take a turn, when my wife arrives.  Watching me fuck his wife, G gets hard again within minutes.  He’s a standup guy, G.  My wife is wet in an instant, walking in on this scene, and seeing G’s arousal she pushes him back on the couch, next to me and M, and straddles him.   As she rides, she leans over to kiss M, and G and I enjoy the show.  I reach over to smack my wife’s bouncing bottom every now and then, just to remind her I’m there with her and I’m enjoying myself every bit as much as her.
Stroking in and out of M’s soaked cunt, so hot and tight, I tip over the edge.  Pulling out, my jizz joins G’s on her tits and tummy.  My wife bends over to take my wet cock in her mouth, slurping up the last of my semen and tasting M on me.  She bucks and moans and gushes over G, who shouts and shoots his load inside her, a pleasure I’m forced to deny her since I haven’t had myself snipped yet.
M kneels to lap G’s juices from my wife’s saturated center.  Seeing her bottom wiggling around in the air like that, I can’t help but stroke myself.  Everything is so sexy and new, with the added twist of extra partners, I’m growing hard again as I watch.  Her asshole begs to be filled.  G can read my mind, and spits on her anus to get it ready for me.  He works his fingers inside her, and she moans into my wife’s mound as she realizes what’s coming.  G gets his face right in there as I press my cockhead against his wife’s tight little butthole.  He licks my shaft and spits on her ass and rubs with his fingers until I pop inside with a sudden surge.  Continually wetting my wood, G gets us good and gushing until I’m slipping in and out of M’s backdoor with ease.
Then G puts his cock in my wife’s mouth.  He tells her to slobber him up good.  Then he steps around behind me and forces his way into my backdoor!  I’m split by his massive cock while splitting his wife, and she’s eating my wife, and oh my god the pleasure, in every direction, the glistening skin and flushed faces and the sounds of slapping and gasping and moaning like music to my ears!  After dinner, the orgy carries on well into the night, fuelled by alcohol and joy and curiosity and a passionate love for one another.  We all want so much to bring each other pleasure.
And that, my friend, is only one dream.  Over the last few years, I’ve had dozens and dozens of such dreams, every permutation you can think of.  A recent version involved my wife, a shower, a rather large cucumber, and M in a very naughty dress.  Poor G was working up north, and I had to help out while he was away.
In others, I’m just an observer, watching as my wife is pleasured beyond the ability to even think by our two best friends, who know her so well they can play her like maestros on a piano.  In others it’s just sex, my wife and I, tender, loving, enjoying the closeness of our friends who share their own intimate moment nearby.  Seeing the love, feeling the love, it’s reinforced and amplified.
So far, all this has remained within the realm of dreams, and I’m satisfied with that.  I wouldn’t say no, were it to happen for real, but fantasy and reality are two different things, and they don’t always mix well.  I’m comfortable with that.
Still, who knows what the future may bring?

All the best!

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