Short But Sweet

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Good morning, dear readers!
My work schedule is up in the air, at the moment, so going forward posts might become somewhat sporadic.  I will still be endeavoring to post three times per week; however, no guarantees on which days that might be.  Things should settle out over the course of the month as new employees relax into their roles and the ebb and flow of customers which dictates the rhythms of the business slows to steady, predictable waves.  Fall is always a transitional period after the craziness of summer.
But enough about that.
Today I would like to share with you a couple brief missives.  We have one woman’s hasty crayon scribbles on a series of napkins, possibly done at a family friendly diner while the kids were distracted with drawing or with the arrival of their meals.  And we have a short letter, shyly hiding its story in a plain white envelope, opening to reveal seductive contents, pink and red folds of sweet smelling stationery.
I hope you enjoy.


Kwaia writes:

Today the server caught my eye, and winked at me.  Gorgeous tanned and fit man with an amazing smile.  I’ve seen him somewhere before, one of those online dating sites I think.  So I told the kids to stay put, mommy’s just going to the bathroom.  I said it loudly while he was nearby, and he watched me get up and make my way towards the washrooms in the back.  As I pushed through the door I threw a look over my shoulder and I quirked an eyebrow at him.  One long pause as I licked my lips as sensuously as I could and I backed into the washroom, my eyes locked on his, a grin on my face.  He looked all around.  It was clear he got my message.  I didn’t have to wait more than two minutes.  Suddenly he was there in the stall with me, my jeans were down around my ankles, and I was pressed up against the filthy wall of the toilet stall.  I fumbled a condom out of my purse, and then his rigid length was thrusting deep into my soaking wet cunt.  He grunted, “So hot,” and started pounding.  I’m certain the rapid slapping of our bodies could be heard in the dining room, and I couldn’t help but gasp and utter short, sharp shrieks as he slammed into me.  He reached over to cover my mouth and I bit his thick fingers as he muffled my screams.  It was so wrong to leave my children alone for this, it was so far outside my usual habits, it was so damn arousing!  We could be caught.  He could lose his job.  But… I came the instant he entered me and just kept cumming until he finished.  In all I don’t think we were in the washroom for more than five, ten minutes.  My knees were shaky and weak.  My face was flushed and my hair was in disarray.  When he was done he tossed the condom in the toilet and left without a word.  I went pee and then took a moment to breathe, splash water on my face, straightened my hair in the mirror.  Then I went back to lunch with my children as though nothing had happened.  I’m writing this now while I have the time, because the rest of my day will be a whirlwind of chasing children, dealing with tantrums, chores and laundry.  But I stole a few minutes for myself, and sweet mercy was it good.  I won’t leave a tip.  He already got it.  Or did I?  Mmm…  Maybe I’ll treat the kids to lunch more often…


Jocelyn writes:

I’m Jocelyn, and I travel a lot for work.  Sometimes I’ll be away from my husband for weeks at a time.  He’s a tech geek, and last christmas he surprised me with an attachment he made for my iPhone.  It plugs in where the charger would, and the wire extends down to a little vibrator, about 3 inches long, fairly slim but bulbous at the end.  He wrote some software that he uploaded onto my phone, and now, when I’m away, I can plug in my little toy, and sexting becomes so much more interesting.  The software watches our texts, and follows the commands he gives it.  He’s clever.  The commands can be sent along with normal sexting, dirty talk.  All he has to do is work the keywords into his message to adjust my experience as we play.  With a quick text, he can change the sensation from a pulse to a vibration, the speed from low to high and back again.  He’s gotten very good at it.  By reading my texts, intuiting where I’m at in my arousal, he can sometimes make it seem as though he’s in the room with me, fingering and licking my pussy.  I just close my eyes and let him work.  It helps, because when I’m away, I miss him so much.  I think he gets off on the power of being able to make me cum from a distance, and the weeks of teasing me arouses him.  By the time I get home he’s horny as hell and I can barely get through the door before he’s tearing my clothes off.  I always give in completely and let him have me any way he wants me.  After all, he just spent all that time keeping me satisfied without me there taking care of him in return.
Right now he’s working on a way to give my little toy voice commands, so that we can play through FaceTime, and we can actually talk to each other, hear and watch each other’s pleasure.  I’m looking forward to see what he comes up with, and I’m tempted to suggest he adapt a Fleshlight for himself, so that our long distance love can go both ways.  After that, wireless, and then?  The possibilities are limitless!
All hearts and naughty parts,

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